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7 questions for startups to ask

7 questions for startups to ask

When starting a new business it's easy to fall into the trap of doing what you're good at, what the customer wants or perhaps something you've been wanting to do for years.

After a while, however, we need to have a deeper think about how to align all these things so that the business works for us in the long run.

After speaking to some successful business owners, these 7 questions are the best advice I've received to help you think about your startup.

1) Firstly, it's important to ask the question, "what are customers actively doing to solve the problem they have?"

2) Then can your business offer a credible solution to that problem?

3) Thirdly, do you have a good rapport with your market? This is critical, if you don't like being around your customer (or the other way around) there will be no sales.

4) Can you reasonably get the result? Or is there some wishful or complex pathway to the result?

5) Can you reach your market? - do you know where your customers hang out? Can you reach them via SEO of Lead Magnets or Networking Events?

6) More broadly speaking, is your market big enough and your solution scalable?

7) Finally, does all this align with your higher purpose? - this ensures that what every you're doing keeps you energised and motivated for many years to come.

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Transcript from coworking video at ACMIx via RMIT

Transcript from coworking video at ACMIx via RMIT