Limited opportunity to get RMIT research specifically for your startup

RMIT is a global university of technology, design and enterprise that has a rich history of attracting and developing entrepreneurial talent. Through special arrangement with Taylor Tran, the RMIT School of Economics, Finance and Marketing, is giving entrepreneurs in Melbourne an opportunity to have their startup research questions completed by students from the Buyer Behaviour Class. This initiative will give entrepreneurs the resources they need, as well as giving RMIT students the opportunity to gain live exposure to the entrepreneurial journey.

[note example output in video below]

Students will work with real startups as part of their research project which will go on to contribute to 40% of their assessment. Entrepreneurs and startups will benefit by receiving robust research conducted under the supervision of industry strategy professional Taylor Tran in conjunction with university academics including Dr Kaleel Rahman. 

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Over a period of 7 weeks groups of typically 3 students will conduct desktop and field research on an agreed startup research topic. Two reports will be delivered. The first report is a 1,000 word background report based on desk research. The second report is either an additional 2,000 - 3,000 word report or a 3-5 minute video on the research findings from in-depth field interviews with around 6 respondents.

For startups, there is no cost involved in receiving this research in support of the growth of their business idea. However, the startup must meet three criteria. Firstly, the startup's application must be supported by a known leader in the startup ecosystem; usually any Community Manager at a coworking space would suffice. Secondly, the startup must prove that it has been credibly 'started' and have been going for at least 3 months (evidence may include; having a registered business name and or website). Thirdly, the startup will need to pass a short interview with Taylor Tran.

Commitment required

As part of the application process, the startup would need to clearly articulate the 'research topic'. This research needs to be able to be conducted via in-depth interviews in Melbourne. Entrepreneurs and startups must be available to meet students on at least three occasions at specific times in Melbourne CBD. Finally, the intellectual property of the research remains with RMIT and such resulting research must not to be distributed or sold for financial return under any circumstances. The research can only be used by the entrepreneur for the purpose of informing their business idea and enhancing their business model.

APPLications now closed. express interest for 2018 Semester 1 (Feb-May) or SEMESTER 2 (Jul-Oct)

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